Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Squares aren’t a Bad thing: The How To of Pocket Squares

Finding the right pocket square can be a very difficult task and with everything fashion you must match but never look like you took “too much time” to think about it. So let’s start with the basics. When, What, and How do I wear a pocket square. So let’s start with these three items.

Timing is everything and when it comes to dressing correctly its even more apparent. A pocket square or handkerchief is only needed when you need to break up your jacket or ad a bit more color. Realistically as long as it compliments your attire you can add in a pocket square but the type of square really sets the tone. The texture and complexity can really set the tone for the vibe and feeling you want to bring to the scenario.

Here we will cover the different types of pocket squares and what they can “say” about you. A shiny silky square is better for a more formal event and a suit that is more slick and shiny as well. This type of square presents a slick and fancy type of appearance and if paired with dull textures can look out of place and cheap. Which then reverses the entire appearance you were going for.

A Flannel or cotton square is paired great with a textured jacket or even a slick to break up the monotony. The key is to match the square closely with a similar texture in your attire then it blends it nicely and brings the outfit together. These types of squares are great for versatility and fantastic for a broadcloth shirt. The texture just matches nicely and brings that formal/informal look. If you add a bit of color it really makes the outfit more relaxed looking and says “I value looking nice and I’m ready for that meeting, but I’m just waiting to grab a nice drink after.” This is very important and useful for bringing the “young professional look” together nicely.

Finally let’s take a look at color and design. Color can say so much about a person and what they bring to a situation. Power colors are a great asset to use, and HERE is a great link that goes into depth of what each color means. When it comes to adding a square it must not clash with your outfit it should compliment it. Although it is easy to buy tie and square sets that match the fabric it just looks cheap and lazy. Simply getting a square that has hints of the same texture, pattern or color to match your shirt or your tie. For a variety of different “matching opportunities” HERE you will find a great asset for guides to matching color, pattern, and texture, because matching doesn’t always necessarily mean showcasing the exact same color.

This is always a great question as there are so many different ways to adjust your square and a multitude of folds that can enhance and change your mood. For a crisper look utilize a sharper pointed or straight edge. These showcase your attention to detail and precision and great for an interview. I use the staircase fold and the crown four point a lot but find that you can simply make this a little more poofy or messy to give a more relaxed feel. I often use the basic square to show the color if I have a solid square. If your square has more of a design, I personally like to take all four ends of the square and slide them into the pocket first and leave a poof to slide out. This is also a great way to add a nice design and flair of color if you’re wanting to ad a bit of creativity yet class to your square. This is perfect for that “I just threw this on and style comes natural” look. I always strive for this look as it should look human, it should be stylized, and it should be timeless.

Finally, just make it your own. Style should be personalized to reflect yourself. So when it comes down to it you should emulate you, but in certain situations take to heart a few of these keys to push forward your strengths and showcase how truly good you really are!

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